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About Dina Food

Dina Food is a leading supplier and category leader within frozen cakes and desserts to foodservice/B2B in Denmark, Faroe Islands and Iceland. We also supply major retailers and convenience chains. We have a close cooperation and strong partnership with all the major wholesalers in the market that supply hotels, restaurants, cafés, conferences, events, meeting catering, canteens, nursing homes, educational institutions, take-away and many more.

We find and carefully select frozen cakes and desserts across Europe that match the Danish demand and taste. With more than 150 products in our range, we offer both pre-portioned cakes and tarts, fruit crumbles, tray bakes, premium patisserie, cheesecakes, individual desserts, petit fours, tapas, muffins, cookies, donuts, single pack and pastries.
We are always looking for new innovative, high quality and good tasting products including vegan, gluten free and lactose free.

Dina Food is part of Givesco A/S that includes more than 50 companies around Europe. For more information visit



Sustainability is important for Dina Food. We have a close partnership with our suppliers who are committed to putting in place strategies and initiatives that will help protect nature, balance nutrition and enhance lives, including sourcing responsibly, reducing carbon emissions, minimizing food waste, contribute to circular packaging and improving nutrition profile of products.